.700 N.E. - Falling Block Rifle

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Mehr Bilder: Siehe Publikation 5

.700 N.E. - Mega Magnum Boltaction Rifle
Octagonal barrel contour with integral rib, MEGA MAGNUM octagonal action with drop magazine box, 3 - position safety, direct trigger, super express sight, large front bead with hood, extanded tang, extanded trigger guard, large steel pistol grip cap, barrel and screws engraved, 24 crt. gold inlay engraving on top rib: caliber and "Hambrusch - Ferlach"

3 action sizes - 5 calibers
.470 N.E. / .500 N.E. / .577 N.E. / .600 N.E. / .700 N.E.

.700 N.E. bolt action in comparison with standard sized bolt action ca. .270 Win.

Double Rifle 


.700 N.E. bolt action in comparison with standard sized bolt action ca. .270 Win.

Gun weight: 9,0 kg - Barrellenght: 660mm Lenght of weapon: 1250mm
Boltdiameter: 26,60mm - Actionwidth: 52mm Bulletdiameter: 17.80mm
Bulletweight: 64,80g/1000 grain
Eo: 11.278 J -
V0: 590m/s

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