3 action sizes - 5 calibers

caliber .600 MM N.E.
caliber .600 N.E.
caliber .600-538 MM N.E caliber .600/538 MM N.E

caliber .458 Win. Mag. caliber .458 Win. Mag.
caliber. 338 Win. Mag. caliber. 338 Win. Mag.
caliber 16/70 caliber 16/70

Coustom produced ROYAL boltaction rifle, based on a Hambrusch Mega Magnum system, made in CNC single piece production combinated with finest mastergunsmithworks, massive front and rear ramp, super express sight (1/3), three position safety, combinated trigger, selected walnut wood, stocking to personal measures, leathercovered recoil pad, steel-pistolgrip cap with safe for parts of changeable bolthead, long top extension, long trigger guard, handpolished surface of stock, checkering 24 lines per inch,
Engraving: caliber, firmname and initials in 24 crt. gold inlay,
engraving time 50 hours.