Dear friend

We just had in Russia a long-distance shouting tournament which was called in the name of
Mr. Sletov. 11 teams took part
(more than 70 snipers).
I was the major judge, the average range of shouting was 550 - 600 m and the max 1100 - 1170 m.
As I have said I have not participated but I have made a
890 m
shot from your Double
Rifle Drilling cal. 6x62R Freres

(see the photo).
So my congratulations to you
for brilliant work.

Best regards.
Erlegt mit Hambrusch Büchsen ...
... die besten der WELT

Hambrusch Safety Sidelock System
Hambrusch double rifle

The Russian Hunting

"HAMBRUSCH" publicity, even
in the expanses of Sahara desert

Hambrusch Double Rifle
on the way to hunt in Alaska.

The new Big Game Cartridge

Energie:           E   11.450 Joule
v   700 m/s

47 Gramm (722 grains)
14,02mm  (.552inch)

Caliber: .600/538 MM
(Mega Magnum)

.600/538 MM
in comparison
.600 N.E.
.416 Rigby


Peter Hambrusch with his Mega Magnum
bolt action rifle cal. .700 N.E.

Permanently exhibited at
in Klagenfurt/Austria