until 31.12.1988, under the sole proprietorship of "Josef Hambrusch",
since 01.01.1989 operating as "Hambrusch Jagdwaffengesellschaft m.b.H."

Generations of Gunsmith Artistry
Initially only for military purposes, gunsmiths have been making guns in Ferlach verifiably since ca. 1550. "HAMBRUSCH", the oldest gunsmith and manufacturer of hunting guns located in Ferlach today was first documented on

24th April 1752.

Today, under the leadership of Peter Hambrusch Eng. Tech. (the 11th generation of gun technicians & master gunsmiths) and with the aid of excellently trained gunsmiths and master gunsmiths, the company produces hunting guns which are treasured worldwide, which meet the highest quality demands and which are able to withstand critical judgement.

Hambrusch is not only one of the oldest gunsmith companies worldwide but also one of the most modern and best equipped gun makers. A product of unsurpassable precision is created by highly skilled gunsmiths in a synthesis of "know-how" - handed down over the years - together with the most modern technical facilities.
A UNIQUE OBJECT OF ART - "Centuries of Pleasure"
Our innovative company has been given greatest recognition in numerous articles by the expert press throughout the world; and - in addition to keeping up tradition - it is one of our leitmotifs to continuously improve sophisticated state-of-the-art gun technology.

We continually introduce the improvements we make both to break open guns and bolt action rifles. In doing so, the limits to "what is possible" are the subject of exploitation - whether it be the size of the calibre and the gun or the special barrel combinations and system functions.

Apart from making the finest new hunting guns, we also carry out gun repairs and restorations of all makes and periods of manufacture.


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